I’m adjusting to my new role at work fairly well.  This weekend we’re short staffed because the other sous chef lost a family member (the 3rd staff member inside of a month to have to attend a funeral of a loved one), plus Monday is a menu change.  I have to pick up a few of his tasks plus work the line in the evenings.

Considering I’ve received almost no training I think I’m holding my own.  Yesterday I walked in at noon and there was no one expoing, so I put my jacket on and started calling out tickets – a big and sudden change of pace from my leisurely morning, but what can you do?

The daytime crew seems to have taken to me pretty well.  At first I know they were suspicious of me, but as the week has gone on they (and I) have loosened up some.  My expo style is not to yell at people to motivate them (unless they need to be yelled at of course).

And at least I’m getting two days in a row off – Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off.  It kind of makes the weekend tolerable.


6 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Hey dude,
    I’ve been lacking on my blog reading and have been playing catch up. So a belated congrats on the promotion. It sounds like its going well so far, but hope it continues to go even more well


  2. Unfortunately I had to delete the post because the kid who kept asking me for my sharpie added me as a friend on fb and I have my website up on there. That’s why I try to keep my blog a little anonymous but it’s hard. It boggles my mind how some people just don’t get it in the kitchen. Actually the kid did have a sharpie, it was orange color. I don’t know how long he’s going to last in this industry. I just finished working the US Open which was really fun. I hope you and the fam are doing well. Good luck in the kitchen!

  3. I’ve managed to keep my blog anonymous, I think. I watched as much of the US Open as I could, which actually included both finals. Did you meet any players?

    We’re doing well, thanks. I’m working on a post about everything, but with the new hours of work and being a dad I’m not finding as much time as I might like.


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