Dealing with expectations

Erin’s condition has improved tremendously over the past few days in hospital, with the thought that she may come home today or tomorrow.  That’s not to say that all is 100% well, but she’s better than she’s been in almost two weeks now – able to eat, breast feed, change diapers when Nate’s there, able to do all the things that he and I need her to do once she comes home.

The most difficult thing for me was dealing with whatever expectations I’d had.  In my early twenties I learned to keep my expectation levels to a minimum, but you still can’t avoid making assumptions about the future.  And never did I think that Erin would be in a hospital leaving me with a one month old.  As I’ve mentioned before, my mom’s here, and fortunately I’ve never had to contemplate how I’d manage without someone to help out with Nate.

At the moment I’m just tired.  I’d like to have a true day off to enjoy things instead of having to run about with errands.  Maybe this Thursday, maybe.


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