We’re now in day 2 of Erin’s adventure at Duke Medical Center.  Last week she was experiencing some symptoms of preeclampsia but the labs for the most part were all negative.  Yesterday however her blood pressure was high enough at her routine exam that the doctor sent us over to the hospital.

Along with the high blood pressure, all the other key indicators for diagnosing preeclampsia were also present. 

 So, here we are, waiting.  We’ll find out the results of the 24 hour urine test some time tomorrow.  And today she’s scheduled to have an ultrasound to measure Cheeto as well as to see if the umbilical cord has been damaged at all.  Pending the results of these tests they could induce labor as early as tomorrow, though that seems unlikely.  What is almost certain though is that we’ll be parents in maybe as little as a week and that Erin is unlikely to go home before that happens.

As far as work goes I had yesterday off anyway and called pretty early on to notify chef that I wouldn’t be in today and most likely Thursday as well.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a clearer picture as to what’s going on.

Erin’s holding up pretty well though she’s bored.  I didn’t sleep much at all last night and am happy that my Mom has come down to help out with the animals and runningn errands (like getting the carseat installed – we thought we’d have another month or so to get that taken care of).  I’m also glad to have her here because no one can comfort you like your own mother.

Fingers crossed that all’s going to be well.


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