Chicago’s can’t miss restaurants

Once again here’s a piece from the Chicago Tribune, a list of Chicago’s “can’t miss” restaurants put together by esteemed food critic Phil Vettel.

I for one can miss a few and did in the 8 years I lived there.  But I can’t forgive overlooking Hot Doug’s and Schwa, especially in favor of Rick Bayless’ place (sure, the food was fine, but can’t miss?), steakhouses and Pizzeria Uno.  Surely there’s better deep dish in Chicago than Uno’s (Pequod’s, The Art of Pizza and Gino’s East all come to mind).


One thought on “Chicago’s can’t miss restaurants

  1. I’m new to blogging, but had one of the best restaurant’s experiences of my life this past week! It wasn’t a mom&pop hole in the wall secret discovery, but it was fabulous nonetheless! check out my blog to see my review. P.S.-any tips for me?

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