Two meals with Dean in a day and a half

This past Monday we were invited to the enjoy some red beans and rice at Dean’s house, along with a host of other people in the restaurant and food industry.  Apparently some well known but possibly strange man name Pableaux is travelling around the south cooking red beans and rice for large groups of people.

I’ll accept any invitation so as not to cook on my days off, Dean and Erin hadn’t seen each other since Thanksgiving, and additionally, I had to pick up my paycheck in Raleigh anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

The red beans and rice were delicious – click on the link above and you can find Pableaux’s recipe.  Some folks brought some side dishes, but I didn’t bother with them for two reasons – 1) I really just wanted the red beans and rice, and 2) I needed to save room for all the desserts I’d seen.

My favorite dessert was a brown sugar pie (think pecan pie minus the pecans and extraordinarily rich) that was provided by Bill Smith, chef at Crook’s Corner.  I only had a small sliced of this because I made a tasting plate of all the desserts.  The chocolate pudding was really good but should have been consumed prior to me eating the brown sugar pie.

The next day then Dean had to be in Durham, so we decided to go to lunch at Watt’s Grocery, a restaurant neither of us had been to yet.  As he was still feeling the effects of the night before, Dean wisely opted for the grease of the burger and fries along with a cup of the soup du jour which was some sort of white bean soup I believe.  I started with the farmer’s cheese hush puppies with basil mayonaisse followed by the chicken salad sandwich with a small side salad.

The hush puppies were well seasoned and delicious, but I mostly enjoyed the basil mayo as an accompaniment.  And my chicken salad sandwich was really good, with grapes and toasted pecans and served on toasted sourdough bread.

As good as the lunch was, I really want to go back for the dinner menu which includes duck rillettes and pork belly.  Shit, I could just eat my way through all of the appetizers as I sit here and look at the menu.


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