On fish full-time, hour update, San Diego

This weekend was a first for me at work as I worked fish roast for the entire weekend, which is going to be my station for the foreseeable future.  The reason?  One of our sous chefs is moving to Cleveland and the guy who’s been working fish since the restaurant opened is going to be promoted to replace him.

My hours rebounded last week which was nice to see, though there’s still a chance in the future that they’ll be cut.  I’ve been asking around to see if a drop in business is usual down here during the summer months and everyone has indicated that it’s business as usual.  Coming from Chicago I’m having a hard time getting used to this idea, because summer time represents the busiest season outside of the month of December.  But I suppose with the amount of people who take vacation (probably to cities like Chicago) I shouldn’t be that surprised.

And lastly, our menu is changing substantially in two weeks.  Of course I’ll be on vacation in San Diego when it changes and won’t have my first experience with it until my first shift back which is on a Saturday night (that should be fun).

Speaking of San Diego, I’ve been doing some research on restaurants there and am mostly disappointed.  You’d think that the location would lead to some really great restaurants (what with the ocean right there along with some really great farms), but that isn’t turning out to be the case.  There seems to be a whole class of restaurant missing from their scene – notably the $15-$25 entree restaurant that tends to considerably less formal than places that charge $30-$40 (which seem to be in abundace there). 

And unfortunately the restaurants that charge those inflated prices there don’t seem to be all that groundbreaking, mostly just steaks and shit.  I even found a place that was charging $25 for a seared foie gras app – a ridiculous price to be sure, not to mention it’s probably some paltry sized slice of liver that will have you asking “What am I going to do with this?”.

My friend does have a few places lined up to eat at and we are going to head up to Chino Farms to buy some shit to cook up.  Just two weeks to go and I’ll be there.


6 thoughts on “On fish full-time, hour update, San Diego

  1. I hear you on the hours thing, that’s why I took the bullet and went salary. Consistant pay, always working and pretty much the schedule I need to see my wife. Good luck as a Poissonier, as you know it can be a make or break position. Have a great trip to San Diego, and how’s “Cheeto” doing?

  2. Cafe Chloe is fantastic, Farmhouse Cafe is also very very good. If you stay away from the Gas Lamp and stick to North Park you should do better. Check out Sea Rocket Bistro for some Boat to Throat. I’ve been following your blog quietly for about a year as I plan to leave my corporate job and do cooking school (sound familiar?) I live in San Diego and if you have time I’d love to talk with you about your experiences and get some advice.

  3. Zach,

    Thanks for the comment and other recommendations. We might just have to go to Cafe Chloe, even if their menu on their site looks similar to what I cook every day.

    My e-mail is afleet2000@yahoo.com. We can organize a time and place to get together and talk over some drinks next week if you’d like.

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