Dinner on my unplanned day off

I spent the day cooking at home on Friday and we ended up having a friend over to enjoy my labors.

To start I made a salad of fiddlehead ferns, radish, microgreens and pine nuts with an orange and tarragon vinaigrette:



For the main course, I made baked halibut that sat on a bed of fennel and leeks with ramp and goat cheese ravioli, tarragon broth and a sauteed ramp.  The dish looked cooler in person than the photograph reveals, and besides that, it tasted really, really good:



The ravioli themselves were delicious, and I ended up with a fair amount which I finished making yesterday and froze, so that we have those for another day with a different dish or on their own.

Dessert was fairly basic – almond shortbread cookies with raspberries and whipped cream (and yes, I made the raspberry sauce myself):



I was most proud of how the salad looked, and tastewise the halibut was great, I just wish it looked a little better.


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