An exciting two days off coming up

As soon as I got to work 3 weeks ago after Manchester United progressed to the Champions League final I requested the 27th off.  I remember last year having to work the evening of the final (which United won in Moscow) and remember doing so while all my friends were still celebrating at Ginger’s.

So I’ve got tomorrow off to watch United try to become the first team in history to successfully defend the European Championship.  I even made myself an all Manchester playlist to listen to on my way to and from the game, including The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Doves, Stone Roses and the Courteeners.  That’s right – I am that into this.

As exciting a prospect of United holding up the cup is, Thursday is pretty exciting as well because Erin has to have another ultrasound and we get to have one last look at Cheeto before he or she comes scooting on out in August.  And after a routine doctor visit late in the morning to listen to the heartbeat and measure a few things, we have the rest of the day to ourselves because Erin took the day off – something that rarely happens these days.

We have yet to figure out what to do with ourselves.  Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can spend the afternoon outside though.


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