Restaurant week is over, thankfully

After Mother’s Day, I’m not sure we needed more business for the next seven days, but that’s what we got with restaurant week.  Maybe someone needs to have a discussion with the organizers to have the week moved, because after the busiest day of the year the last thing you need is to create one of the busiest (and cheapest) weeks of the year.

But at any rate, I can’t complain too much.  Any business is good business and I know our food costs are pretty low to begin with, so hopefully the last seven days served to introduce more customers to the restaurant, though I have to admit that I might be a little jumpy if I hear the word ‘salmon’ in the next 36 hours or so.  I’ve cooked enough salmon in the last few days to make me an expert on the subject.  Incidentally I’m having steak tonight for dinner alongside some not very fussy side dishes.  When I go to the grocery store later I’m going to steer clear of the seafood department.

Even in the midst of a busy week at work we did manage at home to decorate Cheeto’s room a bit with some pretty cook animal decals that Erin found (decals work great since we rent and can’t paint).  It’s kind of crazy to think that we have all the stuff we need, or at least pretty damn close, though I’d like it if Cheeto continued to ‘ripen’ for a few more months.


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