Learning the new menu

Wednesday was my first experience with our new menu as I worked the fish station.  The special was coming off my station that night so I had to prep for that as well.  Two of the dishes (salmon and duck – yeah duck comes off the fish station, I think mainly to even out the work) just had modifications made to them, so there wasn’t too much to learn there.

The one new dish is a cod dish, which is a modifided dish of what had been one of the weekly specials.  And the special that night was a baked halibut which is one of the prettiest dishes I’ve seen.  The remaining dishes (scallops, gnocchi) stayed the same.  And all the a la carte sides have been moved to the roast/meat station.

Last night I worked the hot app station for the first time since the menu change and fortunately not too much has changed there – gone is the sweetbread dish replaced by frog legs and the saffron/tomato mussels are replaced by fennel/grapefruit/Pernod, plus there were some changes to the duck crepe.  All in all it was a pretty good night and I never got slammed like I did the week before on that station when my parents were there.

The worst part about yesterday was correcting all the shit that the daytime guy had done, this just a day after a meeting that was meant to motivate us to do shit right the first time.  I wondered if the guy had sat through the same meeting that I had.  Not to mention that I found all three fryers at incorrect temps (shit, one was at 400, well above the smoke point). 

So tonight I’m back over on the fish side as entremet and again we have the daily special, though it’s the return of the trout dish that we’re familiar with.


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