Plans for my parents

My parents are coming for a visit today and bringing some bedroom furniture for Cheeto that my sister and her husband were kind enough to give to us.

Tonight I’m making them dinner – specifically I’m making the monkfish dish from work.  My fridge is pretty well stocked, since last night at work was the last night of that daily special (we’re changing our menu next Monday), so I was able to get some of the fennel, picholine olives and a quart of the roast shallot nage.  Not to mention that the chef ordered 4 pounds of monkfish for me separately and 5 came instead of the 4.  Fortunately monkfish freezes pretty well so maybe next week I’ll make some bouillabaisse.

It will be interesting to see what Cheeto “thinks” of dinner tonight (after some meals Cheeto becomes pretty active and we just take it as approval, though it’s equally possible that Cheeto is disappointed in the meal, or that we’re going crazy).

Anyway, for lunch today I plan on taking them to The Federal in Durham, which has fast become one of my favorite places in the Triangle area (unfortunately their website isn’t very up to date).  Erin and I went this past Saturday and I had braised pork belly that was glazed in pineapple juice and served with some pretty tasty rice while Erin had the roast beef sandwich, both of which were on their weekly specials menu. 

Tomorrow – weather willing – we’re going to a Durham Bulls game during the day and tomorrow night we plan on going to Glass Half Full for dinner, which is a small plates restaurant in Carrboro and another of our favorite restaurants.

I have to work Thursday night but Erin plans on bringing them to my restaurant.  Strangely I’m on the hot app station that night which kind of works out so I can send them out all kinds of shit and make sure they’re stuffed for their ride back to our place.  I mentioned to my chef that they may come on Thursday and he wants to do some stuff off the new menu for them as well, since he’ll hopefully have some product around from the new menu tasting on Wednesday.

So that’s the plan – to fatten my parents, wife and unborn child up.


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