It’s the parents fault

Here’s an interesting article about obesity and children from Reason magazine’s website.

As a soon to be parent, cook in a restaurant, and libertarian I’m in agreement with the basic premise that parents are to blame for their kids being fat, but then I don’t think a study needs to be done to determine that.

I also found the analysis of The Joy of Cooking to be of interest, which revealed that a pie in 1937 was recommended to be cut into 8 portions as opposed to the 6 portions of the current edition.  So maybe in the new age of blameless and victimized America we can just blame the publishers of The Joy of Cooking.


3 thoughts on “It’s the parents fault

  1. Actually in this age of blameness and victimized Americans who don’t take responsiblity for their action and need someone to compensate us, we could probably sue The Joy of Cooking for making us fat and causing mental anguish. heh

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