Annoying customer type #2 – the world is my playground

I dont’ get too upset when some douchebag party sits 5 or 10 minutes before we close, on say a Sunday night (like the party of 6 that did just that last night), though some of my coworkers get pretty riled up about it.  After all, I work in a restaurant and our goal is to, well,  feed people. 

But sometimes it gets a little out of hand.

Saturday night a couple (who actually operate a Chinese restaurant) fucked us over for the second time that I’m aware of.  The first time was the night before Valentine’s Day when they demanded to be seated after we were actually closed, because our new hours hadn’t yet been updated on the menu.  A party of six that night, they casually strolled through a multi-course meal when it was clear they were the only table and we should have been closed.

This past Saturday as just a couple they came in about 10 minutes prior to us closing and ordered the largest, most time consuming and most expensive dish on the menu which comes off the raw bar and includes something like 12 oysters, 6 or 8 clams and a whole bunch of other raw seafood.  And then they offended all of our sensibilities by ordering the duck breast well done.

Last night we had a party of 6 do pretty much the same thing, which actually did kind of piss me off, but not too much.  After they ordered the cheese plate to begin their meal it was pretty obvious that they were in no hurry, unlike me.

What amazes me most is that people just don’t give a shit and just treat the world as their own playground.  Nobody’s so totally clueless as to not realize they’re the only table in a restaurant that’s closing up, and ordering a multi-coursed meal is just their way of displaying some weird, fucked up power dynamic.  And the Chinese couple are undoubtedly the worst, because they actually own a restaurant.  I’m half tempted to go to their restaurant 5 minutes before they close on one of my days off, except I know I’d be punishing more people than just them.

And what really pissed me off the most last night was that the gnocchi dish I put out for those dickwads was undoubtedly the prettiest plate I put out all night, because I, unlike the people who ate it, actually care and give a shit.


3 thoughts on “Annoying customer type #2 – the world is my playground

  1. On the other hand, I think that there are people who are truly clueless that it could be a problem to show up right before closing. They don’t think about how that impacts the kitchen staff.

    The restaurant owners? Well, they’re just douche bags.

  2. The people that do this are the people that have never worked in the service industry and are probably rude and self-centered in all aspects of their lives. I have been a server at enough restaurants to feel your pain. And when this happened to me…they usually were the worst tippers of the night.

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