Already know what I’m doing with my days off

I still have two more days of work to go, but this morning in the shower I couldn’t resist planning my two non-consecutive days off of work:

In preparation for Tuesday, I’m going herb shopping on Monday before work, where I’m hoping to buy some sage, thyme, mint, basil, tarragon and one other thing that I can’t recall at this moment.  And whenever I wake up on Tuesday I’ll plant those in the front of the house where Erin has been doing some work.  I’m sure this won’t take too long, which will allow me enough time to lay on the couch and watch a movie or two.  And for dinner Erin and I are going to Durham to Six Plates – a wine bar that literally only has six dishes on their menu and no servers.  I toyed around with the idea of going to Magnolia Grill, Revolution or the newly opened Cypress on the Hill, but in the end decided that after seven days of work I really just wanted to relax with some tasty beverages and not have to make too many decisions.

Wednesday I’ll be back at work again for a night on fish, and then Thurday is my other day off.  My plan is to make a tasty homemade meal which hopefully won’t take too long.  The two things I’ve decided on are a chilled pea soup garnished with lobster tail and a roasted shallot and lobster risotto served with a seared scallop and a blood orange buerre blanc.  I’ve already got the roast shallot nage in the freezer but will have to make some veggie stock for the soup which I’ll probably make on Tuesday.

Perhaps I’ve taken all the spontaneity away from my free time, but I’m trying to make that time as productive as possible, because I know if given a chance I’d just lay in front of the tv napping and watching movies.


6 thoughts on “Already know what I’m doing with my days off

  1. Mmm, I like that risotto combination! Seriously, let me know how it turns out. You’ll see that the risotto doesn’t really need much in the way of soffrito, as the nage has so much flavor.

  2. I feel the same way about my days off. I often make plans to meet with people on the other side of town in the morning and then make my way home passing the kitchen store or a grocery store to get something to cook with. Anyway,I heard the best is plant mint in it’s own planter away from any open soil, like on a patio or deck situation, that is what my wife, with two green thumbs, tells me.

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