2 days down, 5 more to go

I’m in the middle of a 7 day stretch of work, which always blows.  For some reason I was scheduled for 6 anyway, so when the chef asked me if I’d like to pick up an extra shift because we’re understaffed, I thought “What the hell”.

I’ve had some success on the fish station, though I’m still a little uncomfortable on my temps.  Nothing has come back on me yet, so I take that as a good sign.

We have a menu change next week, so that will keep things exciting for a little while.  It always takes a while to adjust to a new menu, so we’ll see how it all goes.

I’m looking forward to my days off next week though they aren’t on consecutive days.  My plans on one of those days is to plant some herbs.  I’ve already got rosemary and provence lavender in pots on our front porch.  My plans are to get some thyme, mint, basil, tarragon, cilantro and sage planted.  I’m also thinking of oregano if there’s room, but I don’t really use that much oregano in my cooking, some keep debating the merits of planting oregano.  I’d like to get some other stuff working but doubt I’ll have the time or inclination. 

On a visit to Lowe’s and Home Depot recently I was blown away by what’s available down here vs. what we could get in Chicago, from kohlrabi and brussels sprouts to leeks and onions.  Chicago seems to be limited to peppers and tomatoes, plus a few basic herbs.


2 thoughts on “2 days down, 5 more to go

  1. My wife has bought toons of seeds for this year including various herbs, especially two types of lavneder. We’re a bit stuck at this point because we are expecting almost 2′ of snow to day which means we won’t see the dirt until Sunday. Keep plugging at seven straight and good luck.

  2. To feed and nourish my hard working husband, I’m making homemade vegetable beef barley soup for dinner tonight, which means there will be lots of leftovers for tomorrow night.

    What shall I make Alan for dinner on Saturday? Remember – it has to reheat well in the microwave, because I’m usually asleep when he gets home on Saturdays. Any suggestions????


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