Easy come, easy go

 We’re pretty understaffed at work, which means I get to pick up an extra shift this week.  I’m not complaining because my paychecks have been a little light recently on account of the weekdays not being very busy and us getting out of the kitchen really early.

The reason I’m able to pick up the extra shift though is that we’re having a bitch of a time finding good people.  Last night some new guy who’d been there for about a week was fired as soon as the rush was over.  He was working the hot apps station and apparently bitched and moaned the whole time.  I ended up moving down to hot apps after he was let go and was surprised by the mess I found.  I’m not saying that I’m the neatest cook on the planet, and I’m aware that it was a Saturday night, but still.

And finally the guy who I recommended left the restaurant.  Apparently his fiance broke up with him and he has no place to live, blah blah blah.  I can’t tell if it was just some bullshit story that he made up or if it’s actually true.  At any rate, I don’t really feel like contacting him to find out – I’d rather he just exited my life altogether.


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