Another two days off



I’ve had a good couple of days off.  Two days ago I made the dish photographed above for dinner, which contains monkfish, fennel, leeks, picholine olives, pink grapefruit, Pernod and a few other things.  I’m not going to list the recipe because it’s still on the menu where I work, but it’s delicious, and I’m thinking of making this for my parents when they come down to visit next month.

Yesterday was a day of exploring since Erin had taken the day off.  In the morning we hiked/walked through Battle Park and some of the UNC campus in Chapel Hill.  Then for lunch we went to Allen & Sons BBQ on 86 just north of Chapel Hill.

Allen & Sons BBQ from the outside

Allen & Sons BBQ from the outside

I ended up going with the bbq plate with a side of potato salad (it comes with coleslaw) while Erin went with the bbq sandwich, fried okra and we split the hush puppies.  Everything we had was delicious.  What I found most interesting though was how spicy their sauce is compared to other places we’ve eaten at.  Usually you get two options for sauce, but at Allen & Sons you get just the one, though the meat really doesn’t need any.  Unfortunately neither of us saved any room for dessert, which were a bunch of homemade pies.  Maybe next time.

We continued driving around and ended up in Burlington, where apparently there isn’t much to do, or not anything that we could find.  So we ended up driving home and eventually both took naps.  All in all it was a good day, though the rain returned last night and now it’s cooler out than before the rain.


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