Changes and Cheeto

In the past week there have been a fair amount of changes at the restaurant, from losing a sous chef and two line cooks to a bunch of new people starting last week and this, and to having two new sous chefs to adjust to and learn their style.

And because of these changes in personnel I’m starting tonight (officially) at the fish station, which looks like it will be my new home for a while.  I worked the roast side of the station for the last half of service on Saturday and did an ok job, and tonight I’ll still have a hand, but tomorrow I’m on my own. 

My colleague from the other restaurant is still working at this one, but I can’t see it going on for much longer.  Obviously he came to his senses about quitting yet another job when jobs are scarce right now, however he behaves (while at work) as though he doesn’t care if he has one.  If he doesn’t shape up soon he’s going to get fired, which is fine by me. 

Prior to my shift on Saturday I had a conversation with the chef about it.  Fortunately I work for a reasonable person who doesn’t see this guy’s performance as a reflection on my own.  I’ve also talked with nearly everyone else in the ktichen as well about what’s going on and that I’m kind of pissed off about it.

And finally, in baby news, one of our nephews said we were going to have a girl and that we should name her Cheeto.  We’re unsure about the girl part, but the name Cheeto is a  pretty likeable one, so that’s what we’ve taken to calling the little one until its born.


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