Grill/roast station

Last night the restaurant was slow (apparently nice weather coupled with the time change keeps people at home – hell, I’d have rather been at home grilling something and having a beer in the backyard, but I digress) and we were way overstaffed (somebody erred in believing we had a 20 top).

Once it became apparent that we were going to get no more business than our reservations, the appropriate cuts were made and I ended up working the grill/roast station to get a little experience (which leaves only the fish station which I learn next week).  Help was never far away, and I did neither great nor terrible.  And no customers sent anything back which was a big confidence builder, seeing as I’m no expert on temps and have to cheat a little.

And the guy I helped get the job ended up not resigning after all, though there’s no doubt he’ll not be around much longer.  Maybe he came to his senses and realized he needed a job, I don’t really know or care, though I’d prefer if he just quit sooner than later, a fact my chef and sous chef seem to be aware of.

I just have one more night on hot apps tonight before my weekend begins.  Seeing as the last few days have been really slow, that station is more than stocked for a Tuesday night so there’s no need for me to show up early. 

So all in all I’m having a pretty good week, which will continue provided United beat Inter tomorrow in the Champions League.


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