Why do people suck?

In the past I’ve usually made it a policy to just to keep to myself and not extend people favors very large, because I’ve found it usually comes back to bite you in the ass.

Well, once more this theory has proven to be true.

Regular readers will know that I helped my former co-worker (from the first place I worked down here) in obtaining an interview where I currently work, this coming just days after he’d quit the other job.  As it turns out, he got hired on the spot and started half a week later.

Not two full weeks into this job he e-mailed me this morning saying he was giving notice for basically some bullshit reason (notably that he morally objects to the practice of certain employees having two employee id numbers which prevents them from getting overtime).  I personally don’t care about it – the way I see it is that this is a consentual arrangement made between employer and employee.  Anyway, this is all basically beside the point, because neither he nor I have two employee ID numbers.

What really pisses me off is the lame excuse, not really trying to get into the job, and the fact that if he believes he’s of such moral character, then why didn’t he morally object to what amounted to fraudulent practices at our previous place of employment.  To all this I say he can go fuck himself. 

In positive news though I’m going to be training on the fish station soon, since one of the cooks who’s worked there from day 1 is moving to New York.  I’m pretty excited about this, as I enjoy cooking fish much more than I do working the grill (which I haven’t worked yet but for some reason have little interest in).

As for myself, I have little reason to leave right now.  I’m pretty happy with where I work and am generally just thankful I have a job in today’s economic climate, when so many people are being laid off from there jobs.  Plus with a baby on the way, student and car loans to pay off, it’s nice to have a little stability.


5 thoughts on “Why do people suck?

  1. That’s shitty that this guy is being a dick about a non-issue. Sorry you put yourself out there for him and it’s coming back in not a great way.

  2. A lot of people follow the mantra of Rick from Casablanca: “I stick my neck out for no one.” Yeah, it’s safe, but it’s also insular, and you lead a dull life. Don’t let this get you down.

    Congrats on the fish station. I hope the person who’s going to NY isn’t the cute one!

  3. Varmint – Unfortunately the person leaving is the one you mentioned.

    Surprisingly this guy didn’t quit yesterday, but something strange is going on with him (I’m guessing either drugs or alcohol). At any rate I’ll just keep plugging along.

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