Skin off and Too Much Skin

This morning I was doing a couple of things I do very well (spending money on food and being hyper critical of people) while I was standing in line at the butcher counter at Whole Foods.

In front of me was a woman who had a discussion with the gentleman behind the counter, who sold her on the most expensive whole chicken they had ($2.99 per pound for a locally raised, organic blah blah blah chicken).  After she was sold on the chicken she then asked him to take the skin off the whole thing.  That’s right, a whole, de-skinned chicken.  Sounds totally horrible and disgusting to me and totally defeats the purpose, but hey, the consumer’s always right, right?

Unfortunately I didn’t stick around to see the end product since I opted for the $2.39 per pound whole chicken that was no less organic albeit not quite so local and didn’t ask for the skin to be stripped  from it. 

Maybe next time.


I saw this clip on Varmint’s (sorry for undercooking your wife’s mussels the other night by the way) site of Paula Deen’s ass crack (Dad, this is in particular just for you):

I thought America had already hit a new low with our politics, but now I have to reconsider our culture as well.

I’m thinking of founding the Chapel Hill chapter of the Paula Deen Hate Club (to be known forever more as CHPDHC); maybe it will grow into something nearly as large as the fat fucking cow herself.

It’s bad enough that she merely exists, but at least she could attempt to do so in a humble and dignified manner.


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