What’s your drink of choice?

To the few professional cooks who actually read this blog, I have a question:

What’s your drink of choice while your working?

I have two – gatorade (any color will work) and ice cold water.

This all came up because I have a deal with the grill cook that if the U.S. beats Mexico tomorrow then he owes me a gatorade and if Mexico wins then I owe him one, and neither of us have any preference on the Gatorade flavor.


2 thoughts on “What’s your drink of choice?

  1. In the winter, since my kitchen doesn’t have heat and it gets quite cold, I like to drink chamomile tea if I’m looking for something with no caffeine or coffee when I need the caffeine. In the summer, it’s ice water all the way!

  2. Well it all depends on what is going on in my head, and is it an open, close or mid. Opens, caffine like coffee or tea if I already had the 20 oz. of coffee. Mids, early on, soda with caffine, later on it will tend to be arnold palmers or a form of it. Closes, water or arnold palmers with some sort of fruity herbal tea like Celestial Seasoning Raspberry Zinger. If I’m in walking migraine mode, then it is hot tea of coffee and lots of it at least until the pain subsides.

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