The power of suggestion

The first review of where I work came out on Friday morning in the Raleigh paper and has had an interesting impact on our work behind the line.

The review was amazingly positive  – which is great for those of us that work there – and hilighted a handful of dishes, all of which have seen an increase in popularity over the last two nights. 

Last night I worked meat entremet and the dish most hit there was coq au vin.  Tonight I was on hot apps and got hit with the trio of mussels (all of which sold really well), croquettes (ok, granted they’re easy, but those little fuckers are hot as shit and sometimes squirt a molten mixture of potato and cheese all over your hands), and the duck crepe.  The duck crepe was already pretty popular but has seen an increase in sales over the last two nights.

Tomorrow night I’m back in the salad and dessert world on the garde manger station (where I haven’t worked in over a month), so it will be interesting to see what dishes are affected there.

In addition to a pretty positive couple of days, on one of my days off in the middle of next week it’s supposed to be in the mid-70’s.  I can’t wait.  Today before work was nice enough, walking around the streets of Carborro, looking at baby clothes and eating outside.  But mid-70’s.  I may just lay in the back yard with the dog all day.


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