Top Chef has lost the plot

I missed the last episode of Top Chef and have only caught the previous ones on rerun this season, despite the fact that I’m off of work on Wednesdays.  I always have the intention of tuning in, but something better always seems to come up, and this season it’s not taking much for there to be something better.

But just because I’ve caught most episodes doesn’t mean that it’s good.  This is by far the worst season of talent yet, and that’s me saying it in full rememberance of the season with “Wolfman” and Ilan.  Who won that contest anyway?  I know where Harold – the winner of season 1 is:  this quarter’s issue of Art Culinaire, which is quite an achievement.  And hopefully Stephanie from Chicago will figure it out, because Scylla was too good of a restaurant to close.

But getting back to this season though, I can’t even recall what I did last Wednesday.  I know what I did on Tuesday night though – watched the premiere on  BBC America of Last Restaurant Standing with notable chef Ramond Blanc (sorry Colicchio, but you’re no Blanc).

The differences between the two shows couldn’t be more apparent.  First off, Blanc doesn’t have any scripted one-liners (unlike that douchebag Brit that’s now on Top Chef).  I’m gonna rant here for a little while:  Am I supposed to be impressed by some guy who reviews restaurants in a foreign country and speaks with a different accent?  I’m not sure I can think of a more worthless career than “critic”.  They get paid to eat (or listen to music or read a book) and then write some fancy piece knocking who made it or what they made.  Critcs are parasites, they need the creator to create in order to have a job.

The main difference between the two shows isn’t the “showiness” of it all though, it’s that one is about running a restaurant and being judged on that exclusively.  The other has become overridden with gimicky, product-placement ad-like contests that display no real talent that could help someone judge how good of a cook, or chef, they are or might be.

And while I’m on the topic of Top Chef, I can’t recall a single contestant on Top Chef having the title of “line cook”.  Why is that?  I’ve seen students in culinary school for fuck’s sake (and they haven’t done very well mind you), a parade of seemingly worthless caterers and personal “chefs”, but not one line cook? 

I’ll be watching BBC America tonight, and maybe tomorrow, if I need something to pass the time and nothing else is on, I may change the channel to Bravo.


2 thoughts on “Top Chef has lost the plot

  1. I’ve been saying this for a few months, Top Chef needs a season off to actually seek out some talent. Believe it or not, one of my classmates auditioned for this season and was obviously overlooked for two other “chefs” from Boulder. What kills me, Melissa is going to be the sous chef at another restaurant of the same owner, all cashing on her appearence on Top Chef. As for the plot, yes it sold out to the products some chefs would not event think of using in their restaurants. It shocks me that the “chefs” will use these products instead of standing firm and choosing to no use it due to lack of quality.

  2. My girlfriend nudged me excitedly last night about 9pm because we just had one hour to go until Top Chef was on. I’ve been a fan since the first season so when I shrugged and said I’d rather go to bed and watch it when there was nothing else on, she was kind of confused. Cooking for me is about creating food that excites me, something I can get passionate about. Quaker Oats…really? I’m sure that not one of the people on the show could possibly get excited or passionate about Oatmeal. It ended up looking like a cheap commercial for Quaker filled with Zombie cooks.

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