Old job update

I had lunch with my former co-worker from the first place I worked at down here and it seems as though they’ve lost two more cooks in the remarkable span of 8 days.

One did the no call/no show a little over a week ago (he started in October and was a friend of the then sous chef).  The other cook started during my last week and apparently had a run-in with the owner’s wife (how fucking funny is that?) and decided in the middle of the day that he’d had enough.

Unfortunately the guy I know seems to be stuck there though he claims he’s trying to find something better.  Part of me wishes he’d move on but the other part of me enjoys hearing the gossip, and once he leaves I amazingly know no one else in the kitchen there (which implies that when he leaves there would have been at least 100% turnover since my departure, an amazing statistic).


2 thoughts on “Old job update

  1. Mind you, he’s no saint either. At this point I find the whole thing amusing except for the fact that the guy I know is seemingly stuck there. I’m kind of torn though on whether I want him to leave or not, because some of the stories are pretty good and when he leaves they’ll all be over.

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