Work update

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about the new job, but that’s a good thing.  Up until tonight I’d been working garde manger and plating desserts, but was informed last night that I’d be working as entremetier tonight.

Ultimately this meant I was the bitch for the grill/roast cook and the fish cook, assisting them complete their entrees by making the side dishes and preparing any a la minute sauces (ok, so there’s one sauce I had to make).  I admit I was a little nervous going into the evening, and didn’t really know what to expect.

The first task I was given was to clean and portion two beef tenderloins, which in the kitchens I’ve worked at before was a task left to the sous chef or higher.  Not that’s it’s hard, but I hadn’t done this since meat fab in school.  I think it’s pretty cool that the chef has his line cooks do all the meat fabrication and that he and the sous chef trust us.  In most kitchens there’s no such level of trust, and there’s a good reason for it.  But if you take the time to higher and only keep the best people employed, then there’s no such worries.

After that I did some basic prep work for both cooks and then tickets started printing.  Fortunately for me it was a pretty slow Sunday night (I’m guessing that’s why I was chosen to work the station in the first place, as a good way for me to learn it without blowing any confidence that I’d manage to build up).

And so the night went, with me working in the middle.  Strangely I sweat far less tonight and feel like I didn’t work as hard as I would have at garde manger and desserts.  Probably because I only had to feed people once, and not at the beginning and end of their meals.

Tomorrow night and Tuesday I train on hot apps (hot appetizers) with the intention of me taking over that station.  After that I’ve got Christmas Eve & Christmas off, so Erin and I are travelling up to Virginia on Wednesday morning so we can spend the holiday with our families.  Friday morning I’ll drive home (Erin will stay in Virginia) to go back to work back at garde manger for the weekend.


5 thoughts on “Work update

  1. Congrats on moving over to the hot line. Knock it out of the park in the hot app station, so you don’t have keep gettingn your butt kicked in by feeding people twice in one visit.

  2. Let’s hope tonight goes well. I’m supposed to run the hot apps station by myself (at least that’s what I was led to believe). While I know the dishes for the most part, I’m not really sure how to set the station up and I’m not all that fast yet.

    At least I have the next two days off to lick my wounds.

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