The new job has been going good, really good.  We’ve been busy – Saturday around 350 covers, last night about 180, which helps the time go by. 

One of the many positives of this jop is the prep work that’s done during the day. 

Another positive is that I’m getting back in shape.  My previous job was ridiculously easy in that we didn’t have a lot of business, weren’t expected to clean and it was a really small kitchen, so you didn’t have to walk that far for anything, plus I had a two or so hour break each day during which I’d eat a burger or french dip and have a couple of beers.  When I left my job in Chicago I was fit.  Four and a half months later I’m not so in shape (not that I’m terribly unfit), but that’s now changing.

Overall it feels really good to be actually working again and being busy every night.  The nice change from the Chicago job is the mise en place.  While it was a fun job, all of us that worked there were drained of energy nearly every night because we were invariably doing our prep work throughout service because we didn’t have the staff we should have had.


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