1st night

Tonight was my first night at the new job.  As per usual I spent the night at the salad/dessert station but was advised to learn quickly so that I could move my way down the line.

On a Tuesday night we did around 200-225 covers with seven people on the line, which seemed just about right.

My first impressions are good – the overall vibe of the kitchen is really quite positive which is a pleasant change from where I just left.  People would willingly leave their stations if they weren’t busy to help out whoever was getting hammered.

The guy training me told me he’s glad that I caught on quick,  because there was a period where we were almost in the shit but plowed through the tickets.  I have to say that I’m not looking forward to Saturday (strangely I have Friday off, but that’s probably because I was about to put in a good string of days), when business is about double, but yet I’m strangely intrigued by the idea of being hit harder than I ever have.


2 thoughts on “1st night

  1. I’m working dinner only. At my interview there was some discussion that I may have to work the occasional lunch but no discussion since.

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