Stage, job offer, acceptance, resignation tomorrow

This week has been a memorable one for me for a couple of varying reasons, and tonight added to it.  I had my stage, which began at 4 and was supposed to end around 7:30 or 8 but which really ended quite a bit later.  

For the night I was put on the raw station, which includes all sorts of goodies like steak tartare, oysters and cheese and charcuterie plates.

My first real task was to deal with some lobsters, which was cool because I’ve never had the opportunity to work with them.  To me that was pretty cool to learn some new shit within the first half hour of a stage.  I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll be sick of dealing with lobsters, but for now it’s alright.

After that I spent most of my time shucking oysters.  Not a whole ton of fun – I’d rather my time was spent elsewhere, but it sounds like this is the station that has given them the most problems, mostly because they can’t get the damn oysters shucked fast enough.

After a number of hours performing random tasks the pace started to slow a little and the chef took me outside, said he liked my initiative and offered me the job.  I accepted right away and can’t fucking wait to give a week’s notice tomorrow morning.

I admit I was terribly nervous heading into tonight, mostly because I was so terrified of fucking it up somehow and being stuck in what has increasingly become what looks like hell might actually be if I believed in an afterlife (but that’s another post for later in the weekend).


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