No call, no show

To show what a class guy he is, my (former) sous chef apparently failed to show up at work this afternoon.  I’d already left for the day and was at home when the owner called me. 

To compound problems the 3rd line cook we have is good friends with the now former sous, so I may be receiving a call in a little while to have me come in.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, seeing as how few hours I’ve been getting – and I’ve been getting the most.

All of this brings an end to a pretty interesting week at work, when apparently on Wednesday the (now former) sous chef showed up for work very late and was sent home because his replacement had already been called in. 

So in my brief time at the restaurant of just over 3 months, I’ve lost two sous chefs, am the longest employed, and am myself looking for work elsewhere.

In other news that made me smile a little today, I’ve got an interview lined up for Monday afternoon.  Thank god.


One thought on “No call, no show

  1. How lousy is that you have a slacker sous chef. Anyway, good luck on the interview. I have 5 days left where I’m at and I’m headed to work for my former chef instructor.

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