What to do with one turkey?


So I’ve got a whole turkey in my fridge, and I’m unsure as to what to do with it.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.

I just watched the on-line clip of Grant Achatz breaking down a turkey and cook it en sous vide, and I do have the advantage of having a cryovac machine at home.

The other thing I’m thinking of doing is confiting the legs.  I’m not even sure how long it will take, but my guess is a while.

As it stands now I’m cooking the breasts en sous vide and confiting the legs.  I’m fabricating the bird tomorrow after work, but have no definite plans as to when to cook it.

So if anyone has any creative ways to cook a turkey, let me know about it.  Hell, even if you’re not sure it would work let me know.

Whatever I end up doing I’ll make sure to document the process in words and photographs.


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