What I miss about Chicago

I’ve been asked what I miss about Chicago a few times recently, so here’s a small list:

  • Sweets and Savories – I’m not sure where else a restaurant like this could exist.  It’s small, bitchy, and fucking awesome.  Granted it has been over a year now since we ate there, but the many times we did were memorable.
  • Where I worked – I won’t name the place, yet, but I miss the ethic in the kitchen.  Those guys told me that I may not realize it at the time, but I’ll never have another gig like that, and they may just be right.  Sure, there were some things I hated, but I loved the feeling of exhaustion and camaradery at the end of the night when we’d gather for our shift drinks, knowing that we’d busted our balls and turned out good food that we believed in.  I need that feeling again.
  • Authentic Chinese food – what I’d give right now for Sun Wah BBQ, Happy Chef or “Little” Three Happiness
  • The drivers – this may sound wierd, but I haven’t been in an area of the country with better drivers.  I’m still adjusting to the way people drive down here and wonder if I’ll ever fully adjust

I’m sure there are things at the moment that I’m overlooking, but at this moment these are the things I do miss (besides my friends of course).


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