Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I’ve got the day off, which is kind of nice.  My boss gave me a free turkey, but I’m not cooking that today since Erin and I were invited to eat at someone’s house.

So instead of doing the full turkey thing, I’m making a smoked duck breast canape with a cherry compote along with some acorn squash ravioli for which I’m going to make either a cherry or cranberry gastrique (the whole brown butter with sage thing is way too derivative and unoriginal, and besides, I’m getting sick of butter being used as a legitimate sauce, unless it’s clarified butter for say dipping crab in).

If you want to see the full menu of what we’re eating today, click here.  We’re heading over early so I can help out in the kitchen.

Today is my favorite holiday because of its distinct lack of commercialism – though I guess the madness comes tomorrow, doesn’t it? 

Enjoy being with friends and family today though.


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