Slightly busier than normal this week

We have a wine dinner tomorrow night at the restaurant, which in turn for the kitchen means prepping for a six course dinner for 53 guests (as it stands now), who all get all the same course at the same time. 

Unfortunately there’s still some fairly big tasks that were left for tomorrow – like braising veal shanks (we don’t even have them yet, which could be taking a pretty big risk), putting together the dessert (I’ve made 2 of the 4 components of it), and assembling ravioli and spring rolls.

All in all these thinks are pretty easy – this is the fourth one I’ve been involved in – assuming you actually have the product to work with in a timely manner.  Something tells me those shanks are going to fuck us, but it’s not like I made the decision to wait until the last minute to get the buggers.

On Saturday I only work lunch service, which affords me the time to go visit my parents which I’m pretty excited about.  That was one of the motivating factors to move to North Carolina, so it seems silly that I haven’t taken advantage of the fact I now only live 4 1/2 hours away from family and friends.

That is all.


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