Gwenyth Paltrow represents all that is evil in the world. . .

. . .and what the fuck is Mario Batali doing travelling around Spain with her for?

Sunday night I had difficulty getting to sleep, so I ended up going through the channels a few times, when I fell upon (at channel 201 – I’m not kidding) and Mario Batali sitting next to Ferran Adria’s brother (I can’t recall his name).

The show was mostly over, but I caught that the Adria brother’s also own a tapas restaurant, most likely in Barcelona (aside from their award winning El Bulli that is not located in Barcelona).  Sitting across the table from Batali are Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Stipe.  Stipe is a pretty douche baggy guy, but his band R.E.M. put out some good shit back in the early ’80’s.

But what’s Paltrow’s claim to fame?  That she’s married to that cocksucker from Coldplay and had the audacity to name her child – gasp – Apple?

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  The food that they were brought out looked awesome, some really nice takes on traditional Spanish tapas (as you might expect from the Adria brothers).  So finally a course comes out – lamb on a skewer – that makes Mrs. Coldplay utter “Finally, something I can’t eat”.

Imagine sitting next to your host and having the arrogance to make that statement, let alone have that mindset.

And what’s happened to Molto Mario?  Isn’t this guy friends with Bourdain and now he’s paling around Spain with some vegetarian actress?  I understand that he owns a Spanish restaurant and grew up in Spain, but to sink to these levels just to fill some seats seems extreme to say the least.


6 thoughts on “Gwenyth Paltrow represents all that is evil in the world. . .

  1. I’m a long time reader, but first time commenter.

    I turned the show on the other day and couldn’t watch it for more than 2 minutes due to Paltrow. Of ALL the people he’s friends with (or of all the people who would like to think thier friends with him) how she’d get picked. Personally I think it should’ve been Batali and Bourdain, I’d pay to see that.

    I’m all for putting up with vegetarians (well mostly) but always want to smack them when I’m talking with some one about food and they come ableling in to the conversation long enough to be self rightous about how they don’t eat meat. I’d be even more insulted if I was one of the Adria brothers by that making it in to the program. I’m sure if it wouldn’t have been that hard for them to use some creative editing to coveniently look like see was nodding at how good it looks. bleh

    anyway, sorry to go on a mini-rant on my first post here. I’m really enjoying your blog


  2. Why do vegetarians go on food show stuff? They are so closed minded. And I am so in agreement with you — Paltrow blows.

    Hoep you are well, Alan!


  3. Tim – Glad you posted a comment. It never occurred to me that they could have edited her comment out – that makes it even worse then, doesn’t it. I know she was trying to complimentary, but she just came across as small minded and rude to her host.

    Cristen – I’m doing well, thanks for hoping it.

  4. You guy’s are ignorant!!! A vegetarian only eats veggeis…so on that issue..understand that Ms. Paltrow has been shown eating fish….duh! Get ur facts right. Anyways, what’s with this bad attitude against her??? Obviously, u are watching the series or else u would not be commenting on the show.
    I think that the series is very well thought of and beautifully choreographed. Gwyneth, Claudia, Mario and Mark have tranported us into a wonderous “their” world of travel food, cultural insight, adventure hmmmn decadence …catering to the voygeur in all of us, while very much teasing..ooh did i say that i really meant thinking of us…:-). Very well, during these bleak times I applaud them…and I hope they remain committed to public TV and explore other exciting cultures and cusines.
    SO….Ola Dipsy..:-)…Gywneth will understand this..

  5. Bindiya,

    Please forgive my gross ignorance of Mrs. Martin’s eating habits. Jeez, what was I thinking? I guess eating fish makes her a pescatarian then, still annoying in my book.

    As for your second point, obviously I am not watching the series, or I would have known that Gwyn eats fish. Further, I even state in the original post that I was unable to sleep and came across the program late at night.

    I’m usually a fan of Bittman and Batali, but I question the motive behind the show. One could easily assume that Batali needs to fill seats at his Spanish restaurant, and what better way than to associate yourself with celebrities in this day of style over substance.

    And if Gwyn reads this blog, I’d be pretty amazed, but I guess one never knows:)

  6. Hello Alan,
    I think that celebrity sells…yup..however perusing the messages on this site it seems to me that Bittman , Batali are celebrities themselves! So, Orange flippies don’t work and get “Gwyn” …dunno? Seem’s a bit fishy! The motive for the show could be first PBS, second having a good time. Why isn’t there a mention of Claudia eating ham (jambon) with relish. Come on..there is also the eye-candy catch…So, keep watching the show and sweet dreams.
    k.. bye

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