Kitchen technology that blows

Sorry to post 3 times in a day, but I just remembered this tidbit from work:

For some unknown reason we use a CO2 canister for something as simple as whipped cream for our desserts.  And whenever I go to use the thing, guess what?  Either the CO2 cartridge is out of gas or there’s no more cream to be “whipped”.

So a few weeks ago I said “Fuck it” while trying to plate some desserts, and whipped cream the old fashioned way, you know the one – with a whisk in a metal bowl with some confectioners sugar.  Using a spatula I then put the cream in a piping bag and piped it out all in less time than it would have taken to have the canister cleaned, obtain a new CO2 cartridge from the office, refill it with cream and sugar.

For a week or so we went to the “manual” method, with me quite happily whipping some cream by hand just prior to service (don’t get me started on why we don’t have something as simple as a mixer around when we have a CO2 canister).

At the end of last week the canister appeared again and I asked why.  Apparently the owner’s wife was looking around the coolers and came across out “set-up” for whipped cream and got kind of angry, seeing as she’s purchased some ridiculous amount of CO2 cartridges.  Personally I don’t give a shit what they spent their money on, and since we don’t “do foams” at our restaurant, whoever told her to buy all this nonsense was spending money on shit that wasn’t necessary.

And so it went on Saturday night, when I went to use the canister.  No cream, no gas.  After shaking for a good minute we got some barely usable runny shit to come out of it.  Such is life I suppose.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll just start whipping cream by hand to order, just to piss her off even more.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen technology that blows

  1. It’s not my business, and I don’t care. Well I do care, only because the canister things are stupid and I don’t see the logic behind using it for something as basic as whipped cream.

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