Another day off, another day spent making food I want on the eve of the election

I woke up this morning not really knowing what to do with my day.  The day is pretty overcast and looks like it might rain, though it hasn’t yet.  I’m not even sure if it’s supposed to.

So here’s what I’ve made so far:

Butternut squash soup that I’m going to serve with sage infused whipped cream and maybe a fried sage leaf, if I get to it.  The recipe is pretty similar to the one from the Bouchon cookbook (maybe I should do Bouchon at home, as my father-in-law suggested I do last week).

Red braised pork loin because we had some pork in the freezer that needed to be used up.  I wanted to do something Asian with it, so I checked out the one Chinese cookbook I have.  The recipe is pretty close to the one I use for red chicken.  I bought some shiitake mushrooms to put with it as well and will probably serve it all over rice.

And for dessert I’ve made churros with cinnamon ice cream.  I’m not too sure how authentic it is (This is how we made them at the restaurant I worked at in Chicago), but I made pate a choux, which I then loaded into my piping bag and piped with the large star tip onto sheet trays lined with parchment paper.  The next step is to freeze the churros.  Once they’re frozen you can peel them off the parchment paper to store them in the freezer.  Later tonight I’ll deep fry them, toss them in cinnamon sugar and serve with the ice cream along with some chocolate sauce.  The cinnamon ice cream is the same one from the French Laundry cookbook (another recipe I keep going back to – I think the ratio of egg to milk to cream has the perfect mouthfeel).

At this point I’ve got everything stored in the fridge or freezer and just need to assemble everything to finish.  Unfortunately Erin is sick, so she won’t be partaking in much of the fun for the night. 

And aside from cooking I plan on finishing my book (Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent) tonight (which is a fantastic read), listening to the rocksteady/ska/reggae albums I’ve got, and avoiding all election coverage.

As for the election, two lines from Kaiser Chiefs songs come to mind:  “Everything is average nowadays”; and perhaps more appropriately, “We are the angry mob, we read the papers everyday, we like who we like, we hate who we hate, but we’re also easily swayed”.


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