A rare saturday night off

Yesterday was Erin’s birthday and I was able to get the night off.  We ended up going out to eat which was nice, instead of me cooking a meal at home on my night off.

On Friday night I found out that the restaurant is closed the week of Thanksgiving and that the week off is paid.  I’m pretty excited about that and am thinking of things I might do during the week off.

Also on Friday night we discovered that the part-time line cook can’t handle dealing with sweetbreads.  I had him peel the membrane off of them (once they’d already been blanched), and he foolishly admitted to me that he gagged several times during the process.  I made sure to pass this information on to everyone, so guess what his new job is? 

I’m not sure what we’re doing today (on my real day off), though I know later today I’ll be braising the beef bourgignon that’s marinating in the fridge.  Tomorrow I plan on voting, if anything just to show my utter contempt for the options we have.


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