Decision on hold, for now

The last week or so have been interesting at work, but of all the things that have happened is that there is now some actual brotherhood in the kitchen, which hadn’t existed until this past Saturday.

What happened?  Not much, other than the sous chef sort of gave up in his quest to please the owners (I’m not sure if they hired Escoffier himself if they’d be happy) and instead decided to have some fun with us. 

In a sense this restores the natural order of things, in that there is an us vs. them mentality.  What this ultimatley means is that all owners are cheap and concerned about the bottome line (as they should be), but all employees of the kitchen have far different goals (and as long as I’m a line cook, I’m not concerned with anyone but myself actually making money, which is not to say that I’m wasteful or lazy, I just have different priorities), which include using the lavish of ingredients, no matter the cost.

The next couple of days are easy for me since I only have to work lunch and most of the prep work was done today for the middle of the week.  I hope to have what I consider to be an interesting post completed and published late tomorrow about my thoughts on the Alinea cookbook and motivations for dining out (yes, the two are linked).


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