Ups and downs

Work has generally blown over the course of the last few weeks, hence few posts about my experiences there.  The guy that was promoted to be sous chef has proven to be one of the hugest dicks I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting – a church going, fat, pain pill addicted know-it-all.  There are other lesser factors as well that I may go into at a later date.

My original intent was to stay for a year, but given current circumstances can’t foresee how that is going to happen.

All is not gloom and doom though – I do enjoy doing the prep work for the most part, it’s working the line for service that I find no joy in.  I’ve figured out that I enjoy cooking, and working the line for the most part is decidedly not cooking, it’s really just assembly line work under the worst kind of circumstances where the worst in people comes out.


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