More on the ethics of slaughtering animals

There was recently an article in the Raleigh News & Observer about the slaughtering of animals (here’s a link to Varmint’s post about the article, which also contains a link directly to it).

In a similar vein, Monica Eng of the Chicago Tribune recently wrote a piece about her mission over the past summer to witness the slaughering of all the animals she eats (cattle, hogs, chickens, fish and crabs).  The piece is interesting, and I have to give Eng a lot of credit to putting herself out there to be threatened by people whom I consider to be dangerously close minded. 

The most ironic line of the piece comes from Chef Chris Cosentino who warned:  “Be careful.  Some people have threatened to murder me because I kill the animals I serve”.  If I have to point out the irony in his statement then you’re probably one of the morons threatening Chef Cosentino’s life.

As for my part I’ve become more aware of the meat I purchase.  Fortunately for us the local food co-op (Weaver Street Market) sells Niman Ranch products which can save a lot of the bother, plus we live almost directly across the street from a Whole Foods.


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