Don’t believe everything you’re told

One of the knife cuts I was expected to know while attending culinary school was the tourne (as shown above and is loosley defined seven equal sides about two inches long in a football shape). 

We were repeatedly told that this is a cut that we would never use out there in the “real world”, that it was just something we needed to know for school.

Ironically I’ve found myself in a job where I need to be able to do this (fortunately only with potatoes).  I’m gratefully that they’re only used in one salad – which is only on the lunch menu and doesn’t seem to sell all that much, that is until yesterday when I sold two of them. 

Today I’m not working lunch and I didn’t tourne any more potatoes, which means someone else is probably doing it right now.  Seeing as the other two guys didn’t go to culinary school and have probably never been introduced to tourneing vegetables, they’re probably not having too much fun right now.


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