Strange tablemates

In an effort to try to get to know people, as well as restaurants in the area, Erin and I recently ate out with a group of people who dine out at local restaurants from time to time (so as not to offend anyone I’m going to keep this as vague as possible).

Despite the two of us being the youngest people by a country mile, things got off to a good start.  But it didn’t take long to realize that these people weren’t nearly as into food as we are, especially when it was explained that four of them were vegetarians – with a political agenda attached to it. 

One guy in particular explained his glee when he learned of the foie gras ban passed in Chicago a few years ago by a “progressive” city council.  I kindly explained to him that I didn’t share that point of view.  In actuality I probably wasn’t that kind about it, I just told him that I was one of many people who went out of their way to subvert the law.  This same guy said he didn’t use a microwave anymore because of what it does to food (exactly what it does I’m unsure, but apparently it does something aside from moving the molecules rapidly, thus creating friction, and thus heating up food); he admitted to having an issue with cleanliness when Ethiopian food was brought up; even brought his own to go containers (okay, I admit he wasn’t the only one, so I’m just picking on the poor guy now); and he wore a light jacket the entire time because he was cold.

I’m assuming you’ve drawn a mental image of the guy by now, but let me just state that he had that sort of pale, sickly look that earnest and over-concerned with your well-being certain vegetarians have.  But somehow his girlfriend was actually pretty hot, in a slightly older (to me, not him), blonde and large breasted sort of way.  I didn’t get it then and still don’t.

I suspect that I’ll never see him again, but if I do, my plan is to have him smoking and drinking heavily, but only after I get him to admit that foie gras is some tasty shit.


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