A return to the past

Right before I left my job in Chicago the kitchen had a few chefs come in and stage for the open chef position, and one of those who came in was the old chef who seemed destined to get his job back.

Since we’ve moved I’ve been paying attention to their website, and last night noticed that the menu has indeed been updated, if you can call it an update.  In fact, the menu is a return to what it used to be, with a lot of the dishes that we replaced making an encore appearance.  All of this I find a little surprising, because a lot of those dishes simply weren’t all that good or creative.

Oh well, I no longer work there and what’s happened always seemed like it would, that both the owner and the old chef would be lazy.  I just couldn’t imagine being a chef and having so few ideas so as to return to things I was making a year or two ago.  I wish them all the success they can have and I hope the negative reviews I’m reading are the exception and not the rule.


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