3 days into my new job

To start, it seems strange to have worked for three days and to have had all three evenings with Erin.  To date I’ve only worked the lunch shift, though that’s about to change for tomorrow & Saturday.

The main problem I’m having is in learning all the dishes, which is really a function of the low volume.  The menu is fairly extensive – especially learning lunch and dinner and includes tons of French classics – but lunch is pretty slow and dinner doesn’t get insanely busy either (about 45 covers on a busy night).  I do enjoy the fact that the emphasis is on quality and taking the time to do things right, but I’m three days in and still haven’t seen all the lunch dishes.

I am learning tons of stuff though, and being entrusted with certain things.  As the lowest level cook there I’m generally responsible for all the obvious items – salads, soups, etc (and during lunch this includes working saute).  What is cool though is that I’ll be learning the various pates (including a pate de foie gras) and cool shit like that.  Shit, on my first day the owner had me making sauces, which I thought was pretty cool.

So what this job is is the exact opposite of where I was working a month ago in Chicago.  To start, the kitchen is quiet and I have to shave every day (a first in my life, which actually kind of blows).  And there’s no code for a hot chick walking past the window (“Wipe it down fellas”) – hell, we don’t even have a window and I doubt there are that many hot chicks in the dining room anyway, but you never know.  And to the best of my knowledge no other cooks are selling drugs while working the line – a definite benefit.

So there you have it.  I’ll probably write on Sunday about my adventures working split lunch and dinner shifts on Friday & Saturday, though Sunday I’d really like to go hiking, so it may be Monday when I post again.


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