Got a job, need a car and my dog has a broken foot

What a full couple of days these have been.

Tuesday I actually got my ass in gear and began sending my resume out.  Within a few hours I had a few responses and an interview set up in north Raleigh. 

I went to the interview yesterday morning, which took me half an hour to get to.  Some people may think this a bit long of a commute, but when you consider that I travelled 30 miles in 30 minutes yesterday compared to the 2.5 mile journey to work in Chicago which also took half an hour, I don’t think it’s all that bad.  Plus I can sing along in the car, a luxury I didn’t have while riding the bus and walking the streets of Chicago.

After the interview I made a few stops and when I arrived home I noticed that the squirrels in the backyard were successful in their attempts to bring the bird feeder to ground.  So I went out to correct this and Riley came out with me.  If I knew then what I know now this would have never happened.  When we came back inside I noticed she wasn’t putting any weight down on her front left paw.  I checked it out, no pads were cut, everything seemed in order, I washed her foot, but no progress. 

Well, as you can probably guess, I ended up taking her to the vet this morning, where they took some x-rays – after sedating her, so she’s pretty out of it right now – which revealed a tiny fracture in one of her “toes”.  The vet hopes that it will heal within 4-8 weeks.  She has to go back weekly to have the bandaging replaced, sooner if it gets wet or dirty.  I hope she doesn’t try to remove the splint because then she’ll have to wear one of those collars, which I know she hates and has successfully gotten out of in the past.

During all of this I received an offer from the restaurant in Raleigh and had a chef in Chapel Hill (of some acclaim) call me to set up an interview.  So I put off accepting the job to go meet with her this morning – in between visiting the vet.  I have to admit I was kind of distracted during the interview due to the situation with the dog.  As it turns out I probably don’t have enough experience to work the line there, but she’d be glad to have me do a stage on a slower night to check things out.  So I’ll probably do that in the coming weeks on one of my nights off (the restaurant I’ll be working at is closed Sundays and Mondays) and this restaurant is open on Mondays.

And finally, we need to get another car so that both of us can get to work.

This is the second job I’ll have had in my new career, and this is the second time someone has taken a huge gamble on a cook with so little experience, especially considering this job is a huge step up in terms of what’s expected and in terms of the food they make.

What I’ll most likely be doing during my hour long daily drive is learning to speak French, since everyone in the kitchen is indeed French.

I’m a little nervous and a little excited, but mostly I just want my dog to get better.


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