When the bomb drops

At work today three of the four people that work in the kitchen announced our resignations, which was sort of a nightmare for the owner I’m guessing.

The chef and sous chef announced two weeks early (they’re on a contract) and have subsequently, if not generously, given the owner eight weeks to find their replacements.

When the owner was informed of my resignation his response was “Is the other guy quitting?”.  As far as anyone knows he’s not, but you do never know.

As for my resignation, it is effective in three weeks as Erin and I are moving to the Raleigh area in North Carolina.  Yeah!!!!  This has undoubtedly been a lengthy (and at times exhausting) process for the both of us – more so for Erin for various reasons – but so worth it.

I’m sure I’ll post more about the pending move and the rationale behind it all.

My first thoughts have really been about how amazed I am when I consider all the relationships that we established over the last seven and a half years while living in Chicago.  The two people we knew when we moved up here no longer live here and yet I have a lengthy list of people wanting to go out for “one last drink”.  I’m not sure I’ll really have the time, but I’d like to say goodbye to everyone face to face.

There’s much to do between now and three weeks from now, the biggest of which is finding a place to live.

Tomorrow I’ll post about dinner at Blackbird, which I’ll just say for now was amazing.


One thought on “When the bomb drops

  1. ONE LAST HURRAH! That’s all we need.
    I can’t believe you guys are going, but I know you’re excited and happy to make the move.

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