A taste of the season – what I did on my days off

Here’s what I made earlier this week for Erin and myself on one of my days off:

I’ve made the soup before and thought that the crab meat would be a nice addition as a garnish and  I wasn’t disappointed.  The soup is really easy by the way – make your own vegetable stock (I prefer to use onion, leeks, carrots, turnip and fennel), blanch and shock the peas, puree them in a blender with some of the veggie stock, then adjust the consistency with the stock and season.  It’s easy and delicious.

The skate dish was good but extraordinarily unhealthy.  I followed Thomas Keller’s recipe for the potatoes (which includes making onion confit), and loosely followed Anthony Bourdain’s recipe for the skate wing.  This was my first experience cooking skate wing and I was impressed by just how easy it was. 

The strawberry tart was delicious.  I got the strawberries at the Green City market (which is also where I got the asparagus and fingerling potatoes).

All in all a tasty meal.  I’m not sure what I’m making in the coming days off, though I did just get a deep fryer and am thinking of having a fryfest, especially since it looks like it’s going to rain on both days off which will limit my use of the grill.


One thought on “A taste of the season – what I did on my days off

  1. ahh wow that Strawberry tart and the skate looks awesome!
    Looking forward to hanging out with you on Sunday.

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