Heading into Day 7 – not much left in the tank

Last night I fell asleep standing up at work while leaning against my station.

There are rumors that the chef is going to make it in today, but I’d rather he didn’t, since that scenario will probably make more work for me.  I’d much rather just the sous chef and myself, exhausted as we both are, but I’ll find out in about an hour.

Last night Erin made me chili, which was awesome. 

My plans for tomorrow consist of hopefully not putting any shoes on, using the foot massager that we have, and moving a heating pad to various areas of my aching body.  I’m undediced as to what to watch.  Wimbledon just began but first round matches of people I’ve never heard of doesn’t sound too tempting.  Maybe I’ll visit my Six Feet Under dvd collection.  Oh, and at some point I may attempt to procure a six pack of beer, though in so doing I may have to put on shoes.  Damn.


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