Day 5

Day five of my seven day stint went significantly better than day four did.  Tonight we were forced into bringing our food runner into the kitchen – he actually knows some shit – to do basic prep work and work what some areas of what has typically been my station.

Between him and our day prep cook they were able to cover for me so I could work saute, thus allowing the sous chef to really play chef tournant (I believe that’s what it’s called anyway).  At any rate, he was able to bail anyone who was in the shits out when needed.  Oh, and we had the restaurant manager expediting.

I still have not seen my chef since before the accident.  Apparently word is that he’s due to work on Monday but I’m not holding my breath.  Burns to the face aren’t to be fucked around with, and I’d much rather that he got 100% faster than stayed at some below par level.  Christ, the sous chef and I survived a weekend pretty much on our own, I think we can handle it when the other line cook returns.

The only thing that’s going on me right now is my legs.  Maybe it’s due to dehydration, I’m not really sure, but I pray to a god that I don’t believe in that the next two nights are manageable.


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